Environmental issues may include corporate climate policies, energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation, and treatment of animals.

ESG considerations can also help evaluate any environmental risks a company might face and how the company is managing those risks.


Have you consciously thought about the packaging of your product? A survey by McKinsey from 2022 shows that 75% of the companies worldwide already made commitments for sustainable packaging. What about your company? If you use packaging, identify where it comes from and whether or not it is recyclable.


With recycling you give used objects that are still in good condition a second life. With upcycling you process used objects in such a way that they get a new application. For example: making a belt from an old bicycle tire, or a carrying bag from an old pair of jeans.


Short chain is a way of purchasing in which there is a direct link between your team as a buyer and the supplier of your raw materials. This reduces the ecological footprint of your product.


Short chain is a way of selling that creates a direct bond between you as a seller and your customers. By consciously choosing your delivery channel to be sustainable, you reduce the ecological footprint of your product.


Money is needed to achieve the SDGs, a lot of money. Estimates range from $2 trillion to $5 trillion per year. By donating (part of) your profit to an organization that works on climate goals, you help build a better world.

Raw materials

Sustainable use of raw materials means that you consciously think about how you deal with your raw materials. For example, good stock management can prevent waste. But it can also be about communicating digitally about your products, instead of distributing paper flyers, leaflets or posters.


You have good reasons to opt for sustainable business operations in your Mini-company. But does the customer or shareholder know that? Communicating about it and explaining why you opt for sustainable entrepreneurship is the way to go.


By accessing information learning about sustainability you will discover new opportunities and possibilities. This will help make your Mini-company even more sustainable.


By energy consumption we mean the use of electricity, water, gas ... Using energy sparingly means that you consciously develop strategies to act energy-efficiently. Not only in production, but also in delivery to the customer.

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